Jeremiah 29:11

Blessed with 23 years on this earth. Jesus Christ is my Lord, and Savior. If you are ever feeling alone, I am always here to talk. Don't be shy!

"For I know the plans I have for you"

Our little vacation! #family #love #california

#love #family #california
After 45 minutes of searching for parking, I have finally arrived ! 🎉🎊#downtowndisney #family #love #california
Birthday BBQ and pool party fun!! #happiness #love #friends #birthday ❤️😘
With la kriks! #california #family #friends #love

Who is going to twenty one pilots in may?!?!?


"That&#8217;s beautiful!" @justkate_12 #verseoftheday #love

Everything and everyone I love is long distant. I love California, I love Costa Rica, I love my best friend sunny, I love my best friend Javier, i love my best friend Jeremy, I love my best friend Alan. Why can’t I have them here when I need them?

It’s the not the same through email or phone. It’s not the same through pictures or videos.

I need you all here for me. I’m completely confused, and have no one to talk to.

Love is hard. Especially to get over.

Not to be conceited or anything

But I’ve never really had people hate me. Honestly, my whole life I’ve known of 2 people who hate me, now it’s 3.
I’ve always been nothing but nice. I realize I have made some mistakes, but I’m also known as the person who says “sorry” for just about anything (and actually means it). I hate disappointing everyone. I wish people would understand how much I truly care.

So, when someone actually hates me, it gets to me so much. The first time someone actually started hating me was when I was in the 8th grade, like 10 years ago. And even now, when I talk about that situation, I still get teary eyed remembering everything this woman said to me :’(
I don’t know where I’m getting with this, it’s just.. I don’t hate ANYONE! Yet, people still find one way or another to hate me.

I know I don’t have to be liked by everyone, but, at least hate me for a logical reason. Geez.

Reasons (they believe it’s logical to hate me):
Because I hugged a boy.
Because I invited my boyfriend to hang out with us.
Because I’m a procrastinator.

Ok. Bye

#California #friends #family #love
Just wanted to thank my hubs for a very special birthday week we had! #sheandhim #love
I&#8217;m a big #univeralstudios fan! Just had an awesome day with my loved ones &lt;3 #love #California #family
One of my favorites! Aidan! #family #love #California &lt;3
I love the #instapray app. Just knowing that someone out.there took the time to read and pray with me, really makes me feel better in these hard times. &lt;3 #bodiesofChrist #love #prayer @instapray
#love #verseoftheday